Spirituality= Savor Life!


Poetry Urges Readers to Savor Life Experiences

Read a poem, sing, skip, magnify some small joy or pleasure, try something new; with perspective shifted you can take an inspirational journey through life, love, loss, relationships, and change. You'll find it's possible to savor rather than struggle through all of life’s experiences.

Poetry, inparticular can be a strong catalyst for the reader’s own response and awakening into the joy of life. Think of poetry as "life distilled", a balm of beauty to soothe, ease and direct inward, for it is in coming home to self that we find the true meaning of life. Pick up any book of poems and take it along; like a little "to go kit" for  an intimate and spiritual journey. Try a book of poems INSTEAD of: impatieltly waiting in line, sitting through a boring meeting, or stress-eating all alone! Learn to "Savor not Struggle"!

To find true self and understand that the purpose of life is joy, take a journey through your own soul, "Listen to your heart." You will be encouraged to face  fears, savor all experiences, and answer the call to joy in life.

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