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Spirit Airlines in Hot Water for Denying Refund to Dying Veteran Jerry Meekins

Army of one isn’t just an ad slogan to the brave men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America; it’s a way of life. Spirit Airlines is finding that out the hard way.

The airline of note is catching a tidal wave of backlash from U.S. military personnel enraged by the airline’s refusal to refund a dying veteran his $197 ticket after that veteran’s doctor told him he was too sick to fly. Former Marine Jerry Meekins, 76, from Clearwater, Florida, is dying from esophageal cancer. After getting stonewalled by Spirit Airlines, he turned to the media to help him recoup his losses and perhaps a little personal dignity.

According to, Meekins has received hundreds of supportive calls from veterans and active-duty servicemen nationwide. Many are even threatening to organize a boycott of Spirit.

“The response from most veterans is that they’re going to boycott Spirit Airlines,” Meekins told Fox. “We’re talking 6 or 7 million people.”

A spokesperson for Spirit offered the feeble defense that making an exception for one person would force the airline to burden itself with the cost of providing refunds to other customers. He also noted that Spirit customers are given the option to purchase travel insurance for just such a situation, an option that Meekins chose to forego.

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