Spider Crawls Inside Man's Ear, Friend Flushes It Out (Video)

A video (below) captured the moment when a spider was flushed out of a man's ear.

The spider crawled into the man's ear while he was sleeping, reports the Daily Mail. Although some people may use tweezers or go to a doctor to remove such a creature, a friend of the man had an interesting idea.

They found some ear drops to slowly pour into the man's ear canal.

Nothing appears to happen for the first few seconds, but eventually, the arachnid exits the ear to avoid drowning. Allegedly unwilling to leave completely, the spider rests on the outer edge of the ear. The friend pours more drops inside, so the spider abandons his new home for good.

Earlier this year, a viral video in which a spider emerged from someone's ear turned out to be fake. The video was created by Bruce Branit, a director and visual effects artist with TV series "Breaking Bad" as part of his credits.

He explained the process behind the video's special effects to The Independent. "Audiences have never been savvier to visual effects," Branit said. "But computer graphic techniques and skills have never been better, so it's more about audience expectation. We go into 'Avengers' knowing the Hulk is [computer generated imagery]. So no matter how awesome he looks, we're bored.”

“But in this case, a shaky iPhone video, in portrait mode, with a shot of a spider in someone's ear, is out of the context of that visual effects expectation. Your guard is down. So it horrifies people more than entire buildings collapsing in the movie 'San Andreas.'"

Real and fake videos aside, this is not the first time something crawled into a person's ear in the past few months.

According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese woman was experiencing a constant scratching noise and intense pain a few weeks ago due to a spider in her ear canal. Doctors told her the creature had started to weave a web in there.

Within the past month, another Chinese woman had a centipede taken out from her ear, reports the Daily Mail.

In August, a man from China had the unfortunate experience of being told a cockroach had crawled into his ear and given birth, resulting in the extraction of 26 cockroaches.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, The Independent, (2) / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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