Sperm Donor Launches App To Help Women Become Mothers, Has Fathered 54 Children


Declan Rooney looks like a relatively normal middle-aged man, but there is one very surprising fact about him: He’s fathered over 50 children.

In just a few months, Rooney will have fathered 54 children. The 43-year-old has been called “Britain’s most successful sperm donor.”

Rooney has fathered 31 children this year alone after he set up a sperm donation website to help women struggling to have children. He even created a smartphone app to offer his services to women and to act as a free alternative to sperm banks.

Declan, a former graffiti artist and website designer, only began donating sperm in March 2014 and has already donated to dozens of mothers. He also has eight children of his own with four different women.

“I’m a nice guy,” Declan told Mirror.co.uk. “Why can’t people understand I am just doing this to help out?”

Rooney added that he has never been paid for being a donor, besides to cover gas expenses when he has to deliver a donation.

“Egg donors get treated like saints, sperm donors get treated like back alley, smutty boys,” Declan added. “But I’m not doing a bad thing. I’m not ashamed. I have helped some create families.”

Rooney has even had several mothers return to him for another donation.

“I have seen five of the children in the past month because I have been donating for siblings,” he said.

Declan has a fairly strict set of rules for his services, which includes no sexual contact. He also requires that the mothers do not smoke while they are trying to conceive a child and will check to ensure that parents can afford to have a child before he donates to them.

Of the 31 children born so far, 17 are boys and 14 are girls. There are 15 women currently pregnant with his children as well.

Rooney said that all of the mothers do keep in touch with him and that he checks in to ensure that the babies are happy and healthy.

His success rate for pregnancies is an astounding 50 percent the first time women use his sperm. Three women have even gotten pregnant using his sperm within just 24 hours.

Rooney encourages women to avoid taking donations from men who request payment and has even turned down generous offers from mothers he has helped, including trips to the Caribbean.

Sources: Mirror.co.ukInternational Business Times / Photo Credit: Mirror.co.uk

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