Special Needs Child Made To Sit In Feces (Video)

A 13-year-old boy with autism, epilepsy and several other conditions was forced to sit in his own feces at a Bounce Out The Stigma basketball camp for special needs children on June 13 in Lancaster, South Carolina (video below).

Anderson Line's father filed a report with the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office for child neglect as a result, WJZY reports.

"He was sitting with the nurse in the bleachers with poop in his pants for over an hour," Eric Line, the boy's father, said. 

Eric said staff initially told him they were willing to work with his son. Several hours later, Bounce out the Stigma staff called Eric to pick up his son because Anderson requires one-on-one care, which the camp does not provide.

"We just can't take care of his needs, and by the way, he soiled himself," the camp told Eric.

"And I said, 'Did somebody clean him up?,'" he added. "And he said, 'That's not my job.'"

The camp says this situation has never happened before, even though 11,000 kids have attended. The camp has one volunteer nurse, but refused to ask her to change Eric out of his soiled clothing.

"If a child with autism, who is not fully emotionally and mentally developed, and all of a sudden fears, 'Wait a second, who is this stranger now pulling down my pants?,'" the camp's co-founder Bill Simmel told the news station.

"Whether we like to admit it or not, [the child] then goes home and says, 'Some stranger pulled down my pants.' Now, what are you going to think if you're a parent?," Simmel added.

The Bounce Out The Stigma website says the camp empowers kids to "believe in themselves:"

There are many camps for the “all-star” main stream  kids,  and there are many camps for those kids with special needs. But, what about those kids who fall into a spectrum and are not comfortable at either one of these styled camps. Kids with Autism, ADD, Epilepsy, ADHD, those with slow motor skill development. Where do they and parents turn for the basketball experience?

These uniquely challenged  kids feel awkward at the “all-star”camps, and cannot fit in to a full special needs camp. Bounce Out the Stigma™ and our signature  Challenged Youth Basketball Camps provide that outlet and truly fit that child’s need.

Sources: WJZY, Bounce Out The Stigma / Photo credit: WJZY via SanVic/YouTube

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