Spas Offering IV Drips to Help Cure Sunburn, Hangovers, Lethargy (Video)

IVs are being used in New York City for sunburns, hangovers, and quick energy boosts (video below).

According to CBS New York, IV drips are no longer just for hospitals and emergency rooms, but can now be found in spas.

“You walk in and you get it and you’re relaxing in a chair,” Valerie Yost, a patient at an IV clinic, recently told CBS New York. “When you walk out, you’re just fresh and ready for what the day brings you."

Other patients say the combination of vitamins and minerals via IV helps cure their exhaustion.

“It’s applicable to many different ailments; dehydration, sunburns, poor nutrition, extreme activity, or even hangovers,” said Dr. Johnny Parvani of Reviv Medical Spa.

“It actually works at the cellular level,” Dr. Marcia Harris said. “When you take something orally, it has to get metabolized and then it get into the blood stream, and by that time there’s no telling how much you’re actually getting.”

However, not everyone endorses the IV treatments.

“The amount of drug that is available immediately to the system is greater with intravenous, that is true,” said Yale Department of Emergency Medicine Chair Gail D’Onofrio. “However, it doesn’t ensure safety or need or value. They range from as simple as inflammation to the vein, to more complex complications such as an infection.”

Doctors in the growing IV field say it is no different from an IV drip administered at a hospital, and that every patient goes through a medical screening first.

Treatments can cost up to $400.

Source: CBS New York


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