South Korean Girl Killed After Suicide Jumper Lands On Her

A five-year-old South Korean girl was killed Wednesday after a suicide jumper leaped from his 11th floor apartment and landed on top of her, ultimately crushing her skull.

The tragic incident, which took place in the southeastern port city of Busan, was witnessed by several bystanders – including the girl’s parents, who were walking with their daughter at the time.

The 38-year-old suicide jumper was declared dead at the scene, according to Busan police officer Kim Gil-san.

The five-year-old was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

South Korea currently has the highest suicide rate among developed countries. According to the Korea Herald, a recent report shows suicide was the leading cause of death among South Koreans between the ages of 15-24 back in 2011 – ahead of cancer, heart disease and car accidents.

Sources: Huffington Post


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