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South Dakota Lawmaker Warns About Dangers of Anal Sex

South Dakota State Rep. Steve Hickey (R) is requesting that doctors and mental health professionals provide information on the dangers of anal sex.

Hickey is concerned that gay marriage could be legalized in his state because a lesbian couple is challenging South Dakota's same-sex marriage ban, so he made his request in a letter to the Argus Leader newspaper, which has not published it yet.

However, Hickey posted his letter on his Facebook page, which read in part:

Consider this an open letter to the medical and psychological communities in South Dakota. The subject is homosexuality, which is about to be a front-page topic for the next few years in our state. I’m asking the doctors who practice in our state, is the science really settled on this issue or is it more the case that you feel silenced and intimidated?

Certainly there are board-certified doctors in our state who will attest to what seems self-evident to so many: gay sex is not good for the body or mind. Pardon a crude comparison but regarding men with men, we are talking about a one-way alley meant only for the garbage truck to go down. Frankly, I’d question the judgment of doctor who says it’s all fine.

...If you don’t speak up, this issue will be decided by five unelected judges on the Supreme Court regardless of what states like ours have decided by public vote.

In a recent interview, Hickey said he wanted opinions about anal sex “from a medical vantage point."

“I do believe, and I’ve heard enough medical people talking about the intimidation factor and silencing that’s going on,” Hickey told Talking Points Memo. “And you just don’t talk about it. You know, you practice medicine and it’s an issue of politicized medicine and junk science and agenda-driven studies. When the average person can just, you know, what’s self-evident is that [anal sex] isn’t good.”

"Most groups are just quiet and silent on it because of the intimidation factor and the only group that’s raising a stink is a religious group, and I acknowledge in [the letter] that people are sick of hearing about that," added Hickey.

Hickey admits that male-female couples "absolutely" have anal sex, but doesn't voice any objection to their practice of this supposedly dangerous act.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, anal sex among male-female couples is on the rise, notes

Dr. Rachel Needle, a psychologist and licensed sex therapist, wrote a column for Glamour magazine instructing male-female couples how to have anal sex.

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