South Carolina's 'God's Acre Healing Springs' Draws People For Miracles


Water with miraculous healing powers is not that uncommon in Third World countries, but God's Acre Healing Springs in Blackville, South Carolina, draws crowds with the same claim.

The natural springs are located deep inside some woods about an hour's drive on a two-lane road from nearby Columbia.

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The Healing Springs earned their reputation during the Revolutionary War. Four mortally wounded British soldiers were reportedly restored to fighting health merely by drinking and bathing in the Springs (The Brits were probably fighting forces loyal to the Swamp Fox, but the whole story is a little vague). The Edisto Indians eventually sold the land for some corn, and the Healing Springs Baptist Church was built next door.

The springs went through several owners until L.P. "Lute" Boylston deeded the water to God in 1944.

However, God doesn't have to pay taxes on the springs or install the multi-spigot pipes. Those tasks are handled by Barnwell County. The state's Department of Health and Environmental Control tests the water, a fact that some admirers don't seem to be aware of.

"I'd take a shower in it if I could," Annabelle Galik told the Associated Press. "Jesus owns it, and if He's maintaining it here, it's got to be good."

"This is all my dad drank, and he lived to 90," added Walter Tobin, of Columbia.

"There's just something about this place. People for hundreds of years can't be wrong," claimed Steve Galik. "It's about as close as I think you can get to the Garden of Eden."

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Image Credit: Attitude2000


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