Songs that Should Never Be Played in Spin Class

It happens to every New Yorker at some point.

You’re running late so you pay $12 to take a cab instead of paying $2.25 for a subway ride. Somehow managing to pick the slowest cab driver in NYC, you patiently sit in the back seat of the car as every other cab flies by you. When you finally arrive at your destination you bolt out of the car, without grabbing a receipt and sprint to your destination. You’ve somehow managed to arrive on time, but realize you’ve left something behind just as the cab drives off.

Today, was the first time in all my years here in NYC that I’ve left my phone in the back seat of a cab. Had I grabbed that receipt from the cabbie, I’d probably be able to track down my locked iphone.

The worst part, my iphone included my brand new play-list for this mornings spin class. Having to improvise with a CD we found in the studio, titled “Energy Rock,” I cringed as one song ended and another one began. At least the music caused a little early morning laughter.

Soundtrack of My Workout: Songs that Should Never Be Played in Spin Class

Viva Las Vegas (btw,I love Elivs)

Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer

Prodigy (Songs with inappropriate lyrics that I refuse to type)

What’s the worst song you’ve ever heard played in class?


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