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Study: Living Well Could Stop Cancer Growth

Here's some news I can use 'Living Well Could Quash Cancerous Tumors'. Now, it was a mouse test, and the mice were given scientifically induced cancers, and then some were given an enriched mouse life which means toys, play mates, hiding places, and exercise wheels. So there are a lot of points of contention here:

- mice vs. people - would people react the same? Lots of things never get past the mouse test, but this isn't an FDA treatment being tested but a lifestyle change that people can do on their own.
- scientifically induced vs. naturally occurring cancer - would the cancers react the same? Cancers in different organs respond differently to different treatments
- a rich life for a mouse vs. a rich life for a person - there is a big difference here. But if it is defined as getting out and doing things as opposed to sitting at home and feeling like crap by yourself vs. going out and seeing friends, getting exercise, doing things you enjoy (crafts, hobbies, etc), I'm all for it.

Actually, this is the biggest point to me. With cancer, I see no reason to take time off from life and sit at home and feel sorry for yourself, or just sit around and do nothing. There is no reason, even during treatment, that I think the patient should stop doing things. A friend's husband is in treatment for colon cancer, and they keep spending as much time at their summer place as they can. Why not? They would anyway - and it's on a lake so it's much more fun than suburbia. As long as he is around for chemo and follow-ups, why not have fun?

Having been through cancer crap twice now, I think if it ever recurs, I will create a plan of action of what things I am going to do to have fun (between surgery, nausea, and chemo). Why not? I guess my plan is to keep on living my life and having fun and not let the pesky cancer crap interfere.

Anyway, as I continue my attempts to have a rich life, today I am off to work again, and my Friday afternoon will be so much fun, as I have a meeting scheduled to start at 1. I am sure it will go for a couple of hours. I hate Friday afternoon meetings. Last night we slept on the futon again. Aside from waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp and at 4 am with back pain, it was just fine. My leg still hurts and i moved up stairs to our comfy bed and actually got back to sleep for an hour or so. But I am in just ducky shape for the day. Perhaps I'll be whiny too. But it is Friday and we actually have some fun plans for the weekend.


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