New Poster Details Soda's Huge Negative Impact on Health


Term Life Insurance has released a poster detailing all the negative effects that the consumption of soda has on the body. The poster features an anatomical illustration of a person drinking a bottle of soda: arrows point to various vital organs and areas of the body, and short descriptions of the impact soda has on each area.

It's a well-known fact that soda consumption affects teeth. "Sugar and acid in soda and soft drinks easily dissolve tooth enamel," the poster reads. "When tooth decay reaches the nerve, the root, and the area at the base of the tooth, the tooth may die, and if left untreated, an abscess may develop."

A less frequently mentioned side effect of drinking soda is asthma. Sodium benzoate, a food and drink preservative, affects the body's ability to use potassium. The resulting imbalance can cause asthma, eczema and rashes. The poster also details the heavy toll asthma treatment takes on healthcare: nearly 18 billion dollars every year.

Soda can also cause osteoporosis. It contains phosphoric acid, and when this substance leaves the body through the urine, it takes calcium with it. Without calcium, bones begin to get brittle and easily breakable. While osteoporosis sufferers are predominantly female, there is a small percentage of men who are affected by the condition - and this percentage will increase as the consumption of soda stays steady.

For more information on the havoc soda wreaks upon the body, view Term Life Insurance's poster here.


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