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Social Media Users: Female Bodybuilder's Dramatic Transformation Is A Sign She Has 'Destroyed Her Body' (Photos)

A Russian female bodybuilder has taken a lot of heat from social media users who accused her of going too far after she posted pictures of herself that users said aged her several years after just one year of competing.

Shortly before the start of Budapest's World Fitness Championship, 24-year-old Aleksandra Rudenko of Novosibirsk, Russia, posted photos of herself on Instagram to show off her gains, the Daily Mail reports.

Instead of congratulatory comments on her muscles, social media users were more interested in her brittle, grayish hair and face that many said looked haggard and old. Some said she had "destroyed her body."

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While it is entirely possible the gray, frizzy appearance of her hair is due to lighting and hairspray, critics pointed out that her new hair looked "tacky" and like a wig, compared to her formerly smooth, light brown hair.

Rudenko, who has gone blond recently, shot back, saying that her hair is "as fine as it was before," but she had not yet finished styling it for the stage.

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The bodybuilder, who suffered from some physical ailments earlier in the year, let users know that, for whatever they thought of her "ruining [her] body," she won eighth place in the highly competitive 500-person competition.

"At least I could see myself in comparison with the world's strongest athletes," she wrote on Facebook, reports the Daily Mail. "We all are good when looking in the mirror. But the real estimation of your form can only be made standing in one line with the best. I could see my mistakes in posing, style and carb-loading."

She has only been seriously working out at the gym for two and a half years, so she was pleased with her performance and proud of herself for entering the competition, she wrote.

"I do not regret that I chose the hardest competitions as Arnold Classic and the World Championship this year," she continued. "It is [definitely] better to stand among the best than win safely. Thank you all for the support!"

Sources: Daily Mail, Aleksandra Rudenko/Facebook / Photo credit: Social media via Daily Mail

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