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Soccer Player Suffers Horrific Injury (Video)

Luis Garrido, a soccer player with the Houston Dynamo, had his leg bent the wrong way in a horrific injury on Nov. 17 (video below).

The incident happened while Garrido was playing for Honduras against Mexico during the World Cup Qualifiers, notes The Big Lead.

Mexican player Javier Aquino fell to the ground, bending Garrido’s leg at the knee and snapping it.

Garrido suffered a torn posterior and anterior cruciate ligament (damage to four ligaments total), which required surgery, reports the Daily Mail.

He will be out for a year, which puts his Houston Dynamo career in possible jeopardy.

Mexico was victorious 2-0, giving the country its first World Cup qualifier in Honduras since 1993.


Sources: The Big Lead, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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