So What Are Those New Kansas Abortion Clinic Regulations?


The first clinic in Kansas has been told it will not be getting its license renewed, as the information on their application was enough to tell the state health board that the clinic would not have made the modifications necessary based on new regulations passed this year.

So what exactly are some of those new, necessary modifications?


If a woman has an abortion in Kansas, the room temperature will have to comfortable — between 68 and 73 degrees, in fact — under a new state health department rule taking effect in July.

The room where the abortion occurs also will have to have at least 150 square feet, excluding "fixed" cabinets, and come with its own janitor's closet with 50 or more square feet. The provider will be required to keep 13 types of drugs on hand, along with blood pressure cuffs for adults, children and even infants and premature babies. Patients will have to remain in a recovery room for at least two hours afterward.

Well, children and infant blood pressure cups.  That makes perfect sense in a clinic that provides abortions, doesn't it?


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