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Can BluePrintCleanse Juice Fast Reduce Sugar and Caffeine Cravings?

The BluePrintCleanse was a stereotypical roller-coaster of emotions.  But before I get to my thoughts and experiences, here’s a little about the cleanse.

There are 6 juices that are to be consumed throughout the day.  I did the Foundation Cleanse.  Here’s a list of the juices and the order in which they were to be consumed.

  • Green Juice
  • P.A.M. Pineapple-Mint
  • Green Juice
  • Spicy Lemonade
  • Green Juice
  • Cashew Milk

The work starts before the actual cleanse begins.  A few days before I was to start the juices, I received an email from blueprintcleanse on instructions on how to prep before beginning the cleanse.  Basically, three days out you are instructed to start weening yourself off caffeine, stop eating meat and dairy and focus on eating fruits and vegetables.

The first thing I focused on was weening myself off of caffeine.  I knew that I didn’t want to experience caffeine withdrawal headaches while just drinking juice (So glad I did this).

Each day of the cleanse you are instructed to start your day off with warm water and lemon.  Then start consuming your juices at your own leisure with at least one hour in between.  You are also allowed to have herbal and green teas between juices.

Thoughts from each day:

  • Day 1:OMG, this green juice is disgusting!  Okay, I’ll drink 1/2 of it.  How does one consume this much liquid in one day?
  • Day 2:This isn’t so bad.  (1/2 through day two)  I’ve learned my lesson, this was a dumb idea.I ate an onion ring.
  • Day 3: Wow, what was I complaining about yesterday?  I feel freaking amazing… almost euphoric.

The days following the cleanse I’ve felt a renewed commitment to eating the foods that make me feel my very best.  My sugar craving has subsided and I’m no longer addicted to caffeine.

Would I do it again?  I’m on the fence about spending that much money on a cleanse, but I’d definitely do a juice fast again if it means re-setting my taste buds.


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