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Snow Plow Driver Brags About Burying Cars in Snow, Gets Fired, Suddenly Sorry (Video)

A snow plow driver, who identified himself as 'Dogg,' was fired on Friday for posting a video (below) of himself burying parked cars in Lowell, Massachusetts, with snow on Feb. 8-9 and bragging about it.

Dogg told CBS Boston that he lost his plowing contract with the city after the YouTube video was broadcast on local television.

In the video clip, Dogg said he enjoyed burying cars parked on the side of the street, but he told the Karlson & McKenzie radio show on WZLX-FM on Friday, “I have to push the snow back from curb to curb, so two fire trucks or a fire truck and an ambulance can pass each other on the road.”

“At the end of the storm, I was already up for about 22 hours plowing and I decided to make a video of my favorite part of the day, which is when you push the snow banks back to the curbs. [It’s] also the part of the day that the people shoveling their driveways absolutely want to kill me. If I can get some kind of enjoyment out of it, why not? I really don’t care if I make more enemies.”

Lowell City Manager Bernie Lynch told CBS Boston on Friday afternoon that he was appalled when he saw the video and Dogg was subsequently fired.

“The words stupid, moronic, those certainly apply. It was truly just a bad reflection on the hard work that so many people do,” Lynch said.

CBS Boston spoke with Dogg later on Friday, after he was fired, and he was suddenly very remorseful.

Dogg, who acted tough on the radio, would not appear on camera but did say he did not blame his boss for firing him.

Source: CBS Boston


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