Smoking Drop Linked to Obesity Increase in Women?

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A new study has drawn a link between the decrease in smoking and the rise of obesity in women.

According to a report on, researchers studied 3613 women in Scotland over the past forty years. They found that women who never smoked were more likely to have been obese when they died compared to women who did smoke.

The researchers wrote in the British Medical Journal:

(The results) suggest the decline in smoking rates in recent decades may have contributed to the increase in overweight and obesity.

Obesity rates were worse among working-class women.

Obesity was more prevalent in never smokers than in the current smokers in the full cohort, with higher prevalence among women in lower social positions, who had higher associated mortality rates.

The researchers wrote that smoking killed more women than obesity, but obesity killed them sooner:

Although lifelong smoking is clearly responsible for much higher mortality rates, obesity, and especially severe obesity, is an important contributor to premature mortality.


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