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Smile - Optimistic Women Live Longer


days, it may be flip-flopping...our current times do make it a
challenge to see the brighter side of life at times and that can test
even the most optimistic among us.

Having you ever noticed how
on days you feel optimistic, you feel good? It turns out that good
feeling may just be a sign of good health. The Boston Globe reported today
that a new study out shows that optimistic women live longer than
pessimistic women by 14%! More research needs to be done to tease out
why this is but there is most certainly an association between having a
positive outlook on life and living longer.

It's going to take
some time for our economy and culture to get back to a sense of
normalcy again so we need a better long term game plan to allow our own
day to day lives to see a silver lining in the cloud. Even the economy
news folks seem to be hitting their limits. Over the weekend on George
Stephanopolous' show the news fatigue of the round table participants
was palpable. It was clear they were tired and weary of talking about
the depressing state of these tough times. And, a couple of
participants did mention that all the talk was part of the problem.

couldn't agree more! At this point, we know the economy is a mess and
we know it will take a long time to correct. My advice for a while is
to not watch the news and listen to the reports for a while. Focus on
happier subject, listen to music, watch lighter TV when you need
something to distract your mind. The stock market analysts and heads of
corporations would be wise to do the same. It's time we all found a way
to embrace our inner half full glasses and found a way to find
something in our lives positive - because we all do have many, many
positive and optimistic things going on...the news is just drowning it
all out.

So, turn off the news and find something that uplifts
your spirit to refocus your energy - perhaps music or poetry. For me,
Bon Jovi always does the trick on both fronts! Just check out these
lyrics from Everybody's Broken:

Step into the deep end
Make yourself at home
When you wonder why your breathing
Know your not alone
It's so hard to believe
It's easier to doubt
You're trying to hold in
But your dying to scream out

It's ok to be a little broken
Everybody's broken

In this life
It's ok to feel a little broken
Everybody's broken, your alright
It's alright, it's just life.

Or, if you like poetry, check out this poem posted on Savvy Woman:

I wish for you an imperfect life -
And all the wonder that living can bring…
The wealth that comes from knowing loss,
The tears that find their way to laughter,
The joy that grows after the ran,
And the love, felt deepest,
By those who have been carved by pain.

I hope that you can value this imperfection,
Hold onto it, so it gives you such comfort
That you will dare embrace the beauty
Of all the imperfect lives that surround you,
And then you will be perfectly free
To step to the beat of your own
Imperfect heart,
And you will have truly lived.

you're an optimist, you can turn even a tough time in life into a
moment of reinvention and a new beginning. All you have to do is see
the glass half full and the energy you'll feel will help propel you
from there. Sometimes to fix the big problems out side of ourselves, we
have to start with ourselves.



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