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Smart Phone App 'Condom Size' Compares Men's Penis Sizes

A new smart phone app for iPhone and Android cell phones shows men how their penis compares to other men’s members in the world, reports

The new 'Condom Size' app is designed to help men find a better fitting condom. The American Sexual Health Association claims poor-fitting condoms are a leading reason why men prefer not to use them, reports

The app states: "Have you ever wondered how you stack up to the rest of the world? How about to another entire ethnicity? Do you need to figure out what condom size you are?"

The app instructs men to: “Hold hard member straight against inches or cm on sides of screen” to check their penis length.

If you don't have the app, you can also refer to Ireland’s Ulster University 2012 study, which ranked erect penis lengths by country.

American men averaged 5.1 inches, behind U.K. and Spain, whose average was 5.5 inches. The Congo ranked first with an average of 7.1.

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Other "large countries" included Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia and Iceland.

North and South Korea tied for last place, with an average erect penis length of 3.8 inches.


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