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Six Year Old Off Cheerleading Squad After Parents Complain About Cheer

A six-year-old girl was removed from her cheerleading squad after her parents complained about a risque cheer. Kennedy Tesch's parents were surprised and dismayed when they heard their daughter performing a cheer containing the lyrics "Our backs are breaking, our skirts are too tight/We shake our booties from left to right." When they complained to the cheer squad's general manager, they were told Kennedy could no longer perform in the squad, and that their family would be removed from the cheerleading organization for a year.

Jennifer and Duane Tesch were told the "booty" cheer had been performed for 20 years and that the board of the organization was aware of it. Other parents also felt this cheer was inappropriate, but the Teschs were the only ones that formally complained - and they were also the only ones who took the story to the media. That was when the board informed the Teschs that the coach was going to keep the cheer and remove Kennedy from the squad.

Jennifer Tesch is not going to fight the board's decision: since she's no longer a member of the cheerleading association, she's not sure how she could continue to fight. "I just want [the organization] to acknowledge that what they did to [Kennedy] is incorrect," she told Meredith Vieira on "Today."

While I'm not sure the cheer is risque enough to get up in arms about, it does seem wrong to punish a six-year-old girl for something her parents did. The cheerleading organization may have found the Teschs' complaints a nuisance, but Kennedy's presence on the team, and her performance of the cheer, are separate from her parents' issues. As long as Kennedy was performing well, shouldn't it have been her parents' call to remove her from the team? I'm sure that if the organization had kept resisting the Teschs' attempts to stop this cheer being performed, the family would have taken Kennedy off the team eventually anyway. Axing a six-year-old from a team makes this cheerleading organization look like they have anything but the kids' best interests at heart.


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