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Six-Year-Old Kansas Boy, Logan Ratai, Hospitalized After Eating Walmart Donut That Contained Metal Shards

A 6-year-old Kansas boy was hospitalized Sunday after eating a Walmart bakery donut that contained shards of metal.

The Junction City boy, Logan Ratai, ate a glazed Sunday morning. His father had brought home a box from Walmart for the kids.

"They are a treat for our sons, that's why my husband got them," said Logan's mother, Kelly Ratai.

But after biting into the donut, Logan chipped a tooth and said it tasted crunchy.  Then he said his stomach began to hurt.

"There were pieces of black metal, some of them looked like rings, like washers off of a little screw, some of them were black metal fragments, like real sharp pieces," Kelly said.

The mother said that it “(broke) her heart” to see Logan in pain, but she does not plan to take any legal action against Walmart.

Loan said he still hopes that he can try new kinds of donuts.

The Junction City Walmart pulled all of the bakery donuts from its shelves after the incident.

"We are committed to offering safe and quality food,” said Walmart spokesperson Kayla Wahling. “We are taking this very seriously. We are working to investigate all aspects of this allegation."

Wahling added that the Walmart Food Safety Team is investigating how the donuts with metal shards in them got to Walmart’s shelves.



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