Six-Year-Old Jack Adcock Dies After Doctor Confuses Him With Another Patient


Six-year-old Jack Adcock was left to die from pneumonia at Leicester Royal Infirmary after his doctor thought he had a “do not resuscitate” order, confusing him with another child.

During an investigation into his death, Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba admitted that she interrupted the attempts to resuscitate Jack, claiming that she was not “on top of things” after working a 12-hour shift on her first day back from maternity leave.

Though a 16-hour limit was placed on doctor shifts, there has been little improvement in care provided. According to Dr. Christopher Landrigan, the residents are extremely sleep deprived because they care for some of the sickest patients in the country.

Garba had been on leave for 13 months and felt her skills were not as sharp as they should have been.

When the coroner asked if Garba had seen the child’s face, Garba said she could not remember if she recognized him in a room full of people.

"But what was important to me was not to resuscitate a child that was not to be resuscitated,” Garba said. “I was not aware Jack had gone to Ward 28 or the other boy had been discharged."

In retrospect, Garba said she should have checked the face.

After the mix up was realized, medics tried for an hour to resuscitate Jack, but failed.

Jack, who had Down syndrome, was admitted to the hospital after suffering from sickness and diarrhea.

An investigation into his death is still in action.

Sources: NY Daily News, Medical Daily


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