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Milk Container From Grocery Store Filled With Glue, 6-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Drinking From It


A 6-year-old U.K. girl was rushed to the hospital after taking a drink from a milk container that turned out to be filled with glue.

Jessica Bamford had just started drinking what she believed to be milk when she began screaming as a "white hard substance" formed inside and around her mouth. The young girl spit out what the substance, and was taken to a nearby hospital by her panicked mother, Samantha. Jessica reportedly did not swallow the liquid.

Doctors who examined Jessica at the hospital described the liquid as smelling like "false nail glue." The substance was removed from her mouth, but left her "shaken up" and with red marks. According to Mirror Online, Jessica's father, Dwain, bought the contaminated milk the previous day from a nearby grocery store.

"It's just disgusting," Samantha said of her daughter's traumatic incident. "She freaked out and was very shaken.

"She remembers spitting it out in the sink the second she felt something was wrong. It's just lucky she didn't ingest it because this could have been a completely different situation."

A spokesman for Iceland, the grocery store from which the milk was purchased, responded to the controversy with a brief statement. 

"We are sorry to hear about this issue," the spokesman said, "but we would like the chance to investigate."

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Wikicommons


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