Six out of 10 Male Drug Addicts Abuse Their Partners


According to a recent study performed at the Department of Pedagogy of the University of Granada, about six out of ten male drug-abusers direct some type of violence against their partners.

The Study

The study exposed a high rate of domestic violence both physical and psychological by male drug-abusers against their female partners. The study also detailed the most recurrent forms of abuse, as well as the variables associated to them. Some of the variables include showing no regard for the woman’s needs, forcing her to have an abortion, forcing sex on her, wanting to know where she is all the time, who she is with, what she is doing, and how much money she makes. These are just a few of the variables of different forms of abuse.

The study also discovered that fifty-one percent of the male drug-abusers are aware of they are committing violence acts against their partners and, although they know that type violence has a damaging and destructive impact on their partners, they are not willing to break off the relationship, or to let their spouses to leave them.


The research conducted at the University of Granada revealed that 78.8% of the couples ended in separation, although the separation was generally temporary. In most of the cases, the couple ended getting back together. "Despite their negative effect on their health and well-being, women remain in this type of relationship as a result of the pressure exerted by their male partners and of the romantic myths of unconditional and imbalanced love," Amelia Matute states.



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