Six-Legged Baby Born in Pakistan Fighting for His Life

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Pakistani doctors are battling frantically to save an infant boy born with four extra lower appendages caused by a rare genetic disorder.

The sick child was born last week in Sukkur, a Pakistani city in the southeastern Sindh Province. He was transported out of Sukkur to be treated by specialists at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi, according to the Daily News.

Director of the Child Health Institute Jamal Raza explained the little boy’s condition. He says that the boy had a conjoined twin who was premature, and became absorbed into the more developed child’s body.

“One of the babies is not fully developed,” said Raza. “Giving the present physical structure to the baby.”

The child’s father pleaded for philanthropists and the Pakistani government to help pay for his child’s treatment.

“I cannot afford to visit Karachi and get treatment for my baby,” the father said.

Raza told the press that the institute’s doctors are currently working on a plan for treatment, and may call on foreign doctors to assist with the surgery.


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