When life gives you lemons, or in this case, cancer, make lemonade.

That’s what two Pearl River, La. sisters are doing, all in hopes of raising $800 to help pay for their dad’s ongoing chemotherapy treatments.

Twelve-year-old Katie Pullens along with 9-year-old Whitney officially opened up their lemonade stand last weekend in support of their dad, Dewayne Pullens, who has a brain tumor that cannot be removed but only reduced, according to KMOV.

“We can’t go to the softball field with him anymore, because he can’t through the ball because he’s left-handed,” Katie said. Dewayne Pullens has made several hospital visits since 2004, which include chemo treatments and four brain surgeries.

The chemo treatments cost more than $800 every six weeks. The Pullens family has also had to worry about covering traveling expenses to get the treatments at M.D. Anderson in Texas.

“It’s stressful, but at the same point you have to be grateful of what you have,” Trish said. “So we’ve grateful that we have two wonderful girls who think so highly of their dad that they did this.”

When she heard a conversation between her mom and grandmother about the chemotherapy, Whitney said she decided to simply go out and sell lemonade.

While there is no cure, the girls are still determined to raise money to prolong their time with their father. In the first weekend alone, the sisters raised $600 in lemonade sales. Now with a Facebook page and name for their efforts, “Lemonade for Life,” they say they will continue their lemonade stand in front of their grandparents’ house every weekend.

“I’m very proud,” Dewayne Pullens said of his daughters.

The “Lemonade for Life” Facebook page has over a 1,000 likes so far.

Source: KMOV, Lemonade for Life


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