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A Simple Test Can Tell If You Have Early Alzheimer's Disease (Video)

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A test developed by a University of Florida student was created to help detect Alzheimer's disease early.

Graduate student Jennifer Stamps created the procedure as a test of smell sensitivity, according to Independent Journal Review. Smell is associated with the cranial nerve and is one of the first things to be affected by cognitive decline. 

The test is simple — all that's needed is peanut butter and a ruler. Simply place peanut butter under your nose and use the ruler to measure the distances at which the spread can be detected. 

"The findings suggest that doing a smell test may help identify elderly, mentally normal people who are likely to progress to develop memory problems or, if they have these problems, to progress to Alzheimer’s or dementia," Rosebud Roberts, one of the researchers behind the study, said.

Another test, an eye tracking test, uses images to test cognitive function, says Quartz.

Sources: IJReview, Quartz / Photo credit: IJReview

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