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Is it Better to Lose Weight Fast or Slow?

We’ve always said that slow and steady wins the race (hence the turtle at left) when it comes to healthy, lasting weight-loss, but a recent study has us going, “What the…???!!!”

Researchers at the University of Florida studied women who were losing weight through cutting calories and increased physical activity at three different rates: fast, moderate and slow.

Turns out that those who chose the “fast” route lost more weight and kept it off longer. Scientists believe the reason may be because dropping pounds early may reinforce their lifestyle changes.

Well, shucks. We’re still not fans of crash dieting by any means, but if you need a big drop to get you started and are still committed to a healthy lifestyle over the long haul, I guess we can’t fault that. We’re definitely curious to see further research on this topic!

Be the hare. And then the happy, healthy tortoise.



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