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Should Plastic Surgeon Have Brought Breast Implants to Kids' Career Day?

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Parents are an elementary school in Virginia responded with outrage after a plastic surgeon visited their children on career day. He brought along a few props for show and tell, including breast implants, which the kids were allowed to touch and handle.

Is letting the kids touch breast implants on career day really such a big deal? "Career day sure isn't what it once was," commented one parent, who was surprised rather than dismayed.

Another responded more negatively, saying that the idea was appaling. Parent Rebecca Odes said "I hate the idea that these children are learning — as part of their school curriculum, no less — that some women are so dissatisfied with their bodies that they feel the need to surgically alter themselves." Noting that bringing up the topic of breast implants could give young girls the wrong idea, she said "Feeling flat-chested? There's always the option of implants!"

Other parents agreed that plastic surgeons had no place at the school's career day. George Mathis was quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution saying "Maybe a dietitian would be a better influence on today's kids than a man who believes most women need a bigger bra." While students noted that the surgeon makes appearances at every year's career day and gives an informative presentation, some parents argued that not every profession must be represented at the career day.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Roy Kim says the surgeon should have considered making his lesson more appropriate for the younger audience, but also admits that these kids have already been exposed to such ideas as sex, the media, and an unattainable body image. They "probably see more silicone on TV before breakfast" than they did at career day, he says.

Would it really be so bad if this lesson prompted some of the kids to grow up to be surgeons? What do you think – was the surgeon's display of breast implants on career day appalling, or inspiring?

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