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Should Little Kids be "Working Out"?

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Workouts for kids? With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, this might be a trend that's here to stay.

When the park just doesn't cut it anymore, try this on for size: CrossFit, one of the fastest growing movements in fitness, is now available for kids

Deemed "the toughest workout ever" by Muscle and Fitness magazine, the same workout responsible for the buff, beautiful bods in the blockbuster hit "300" has been downsized into a power-packed, pint-sized workout for kids aged 3 to 12. The idea behind CrossFit Kids is simple: Keep kids moving and make exercise fun. And judging by the amount of tumbling, jumping, lunging and obstacle-course training that occurs in a typical class, your wee one is bound to come back for more. 

Moms, what do you think? Are workouts for kids excessive... or a good alternative to everyday play?


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