Should Charlie Sheen Get Plastic Surgery?


45-year-old Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen's hit show Two and a Half Men has been cancelled for the remainder of the season after his reportedly drug-fueled antics became too much for the producers. As his behaviors continue to be covered by the tabloids, MakeMeHeal is recommending that plastic surgery could be the answer to his recent troubles ( ).

While many have said that Sheen looks in need of a mental health professional, could he also use some help from a plastic surgeon? Celebrity bloggers have noted that Sheen seems to be on a downward spiral. Partying with two women he calls his "Goddesses" and appearing on every possible radio talk show and internet interview possible, it seems that his lifestyle has taken its toll.

Over the past few months, his appearance has aged noticeably. MakeMeHeal suggests that he could benefit from fat injections in the hollows of his cheeks, eyelid surgery to take care of the bags under his eyes, and Botox to smooth the deep wrinkles across his forehead.

Sheen is no stranger to plastic surgery. Many have speculated that he underwent rhinoplasty to smooth out a bump that was once visible on his nose. Though he clearly needs more help than plastic surgery can offer, might a few cosmetic treatments be the way to kick-start his comeback?


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