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Shermain Miles Arrested 396 Times in Chicago

Shermain Miles has been arrested by Chicago police 396 times since 1978.

Miles' rap sheet includes being arrested 92 times for theft, another 65 for disorderly conduct, 59 for prostitution-related violations and five for robbery-related crimes, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Numerous psychological exams have deemed Miles “acutely psychotic.”

However, Cook County has not been able to help Miles for her mental illness, or protect the communities that she has committed crimes against, because of overcrowded prisons and cuts to mental health funding.

According to police, Miles is rarely convicted because she knows how to convince judges to delay cases so that her victims get frustrated, stop coming to court and eventually the case is dismissed due to lack of witnesses.

The 51 year old is currently in jail in Lincoln, Illinois, for allegedly slapping, punching and harassing some unidentified people.

On Tuesday, the Illinois Prisoner Review Board will decide if Miles violated her parole terms, which could keep her behind bars until April 2014, when her parole expires. Then she will be out again.

Source: Chicago Sun Times


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