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Sheriff's Deputy Mike Easter's 4-Year-Old Son Accidentally Shoots, Kills Himself (Video)

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Easter's 4-year-old son Michael Easter accidentally shot and killed himself over the weekend in Liberty Township, Michigan (video below).

According to, Deputy Easter was on his way to work at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday when the 4-year-old boy found a gun and shot himself.

"My heart is broken for my cousin," said Cammy Rose, the cousin of Easter's wife, Melissa. "He was definitely taken from this world too early."

“I knew it was bad when one of the local sheriff’s here, he came out of the house and was walking down the driveway,” neighbor Lon Zicafoose told WILX-TV. “I could tell he was crying and he got closer to the road here and he was sobbing and crying.

“How did that kid get that weapon? How did he get a loaded weapon? How did they have access to it? I just can’t imagine what the mom is going through because the mom was there, what the mom and other kids are going through.”

“We are conducting a further investigation, pulling our resources together to make sure that we are detailed,” said Michigan State Police Sgt. Cathy Fitzgerald.

Source: and WILX-TV


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