Sheriff Joseph McDonald Upset Over Death Threats After He Joked About Obama Assassination (Video)

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Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Joseph McDonald is upset that he is getting death threats after he joked that President Obama should be assassinated.

At a Republican breakfast event over the weekend, Sheriff McDonald said: "Obama is looking at Abraham Lincoln adoringly and he says, ‘Please share your wisdom with me. What can I do to make this country a better place?' And Lincoln looks him in the eye and he says, ‘Go to the theatre.’”

However, now Sheriff McDonald is no longer joking as he is the target of death threats, reports WCVB-TV.

“Things have taken a very sinister turn,” said Sheriff McDonald. “I’ve received all kinds of hate emails, phone messages and voice mails, many of them physically threatening me, my family.”

Sheriff McDonald also offered a half-apology for his Obama joke: “To the extent that some individuals seem to be able to separate satire from reality, if I have offended them, you know, I’m sorry for that. I’m sincerely sorry for that.”

“It’s political satire, and it’s meant in jest, it was stated in jest,” he insisted. “And I think it’s unfortunate that individuals would seek to capitalize on that.”

“[I will not resign] absolutely not. This is America and I don't see any criminal intent here nor do I see any criminal conduct,” Sheriff McDonald told WHDH-TV, apparently unaware that it is a crime to threaten the President.

Sheriff McDonald, who claims to worry about the safety of his family, said that he would consider telling the joke again in the future.

Sources; WCVB-TV and WHDH-TV


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