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One Foster Child Dead, One In Critical Condition In Auburn, Massachusetts

Police are investigating after an incident involving two children and their foster mother resulted in one child dying (video below).

The unspecified incident occurred Saturday in Auburn, Massachusetts. Police were investigating a disturbance at an Auburn home that involved two toddlers, WCVB reported.

The foster parent, who has not been identified at this time, told investigators that she gave the girls a bath at around 11 a.m. When the girls were taken out of the tub an hour and a half later, they were found unresponsive, according to reports.

The children were rushed to the hospital where one of them, 2-year-old Avalena, was pronounced dead. The other child, who is 22 months old, remains in critical condition, according to Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early.

Avalena’s biological mother, Jessica Conway, 27, was devastated.

"I want the world to know that my daughter was beautiful and amazing," Conway, who lost custody of her child last year while battling addiction, told WCVB. "She would have been an amazing child."

Officials told Conway there were no obvious signs of trauma. Early said the investigation is ongoing and they are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death. They are also conducting toxicology reports, according to The Boston Globe.

Neighbors said the foster mother involved in the incident has another foster child and three biological children living with her at the home. The other four children have been removed from the residence.

A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families said they are conducting their own investigation and are collaborating with law enforcement.

Avalena’s mother and grandfather said they want answers.

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"I feel that it's time the governor, time that proper authorities sat down and did a number with these DCF people," said David Coxon, Avalena's grandfather.

Sources: WCVB, The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Facebook, Keith Bedford/Boston Globe staff


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