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I am so proud of Nike for coming up with the snazzy idea, She Runs LA. The event, which challenged girls from LA to run a  virtual 10K, had thousands of girls taking it to the streets. The run supported Students Run LA , a program that challenges kids to train and  run the LA Marathon. Since I’ve always been a sucker for marathoners, I was down for the cause. I have to admit, the thought of6.2 miles was a bit unnerving. I knew I’d be running it mid-week; that I’d have to run it after a grueling 8 hours of office desk work; that I’d be running it on a treadmill since LA’s finally started with the hot and nasty temperatures, which makes running outside at 4 p.m. miserable. I did it, though!

The minute I started running was the minute inspirational mumbo-jumbo magic stuff shot out of me. I just kept thinking about the young girls we were running for. I thought about how running was a godsendfor me in high school and college and how proud I was of the friends I had gotten to run with me. If those positive feelings would have lasted, I probably would have run a personal best time, but alas, I happened to notice my Nike+ bracelet wasn’t syncing to the miles on the treadmill and the feeling that I’d have to run .3 extra miles more had me wiggy.

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Hollis and FBG Tish post-run

I completed the extra out of pure stubborn will, but it definitely was a bummer that I couldn’t stay in girl power mentality for the whole run. An hour and some change later I was off the treadmill and high-fiving Hollis Mills, the woman who decided to do the challenge with me. It was only after the run that I learned Hollis had never run that far in her life. The smile on her face and the pride bursting out of her grin was enough to make any sane Fit Bottomed Girl cry, let me tell ya!

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Jacqueline Cain bares a grin as she moves through the event chaos

I always say I’m done with running, but the truth is when I’m running for something special, a power I didn’t even know I had pops up and off I go. The sense of accomplishment and bad ass-ness is addicting. I just wish that would have translated more to theyoung’uns at the after-run party. It was a bit sad to see the girls geeking more over the boys in attendance than the Olympic athletes. Not only that, I felt old and couldn’t figure out how those dang chicks were jumping about swooning over the musical guests while my knees were aching to the beat. We DID all just run, right?!

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Brandi Short, Celina Yanez and FBG Tish pose on the Nike pink carpet.

Even with those setbacks, Nike still pulled off an awesome event. Girls who participated were pampered at the event with Bliss spa mini treatments, a Pop Chips Photo Booth, Paul Mitchell hair styling and Mike Posner’s sweet teeny bopper serenades. (My knees weren’t the only indicator I may have been too old for the party. I had no clue who that fool was until he sang his radio hit.)  All of that old stuff aside, I found out that thousands of girls ran over 2,900 unique routes. I’ll never be too old to get a kick out of women running.

I’m late to the game, but I’m slowly learning about the Nike+ powerhouse. They love to offer challenges and get people on the pavementand in the gym. This specific event makes me want to hug the creator.  I thank She Runs LA for giving me back the running passion.

Did you run She Runs LA or recently experience your own running euphoria? Do tell!—Tish


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