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'She Made Broken Look Beautiful': 4-Year-Old Girl Dies After Year-Long Battle With Cancer

An Australian couple say their 4-year-old daughter’s battle with cancer made “broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.”

Annalee McGuigan underwent major brain surgery in March 2013 after doctors found a rare and malignant brain tumor, the Daily Mail reported.

For 12 months, she endured several operations, 30 radiation treatments and chemotherapy. MRI scans showed the treatment had worked and the cancer was gone. But in July, the cancer returned and had spread to the front of her brain and her spine.

Doctors told the couple their daughter had just weeks to live in November 2014, explaining that the cancer had become inoperable. The 4-year-old died on Aug. 11.

Annalee’s father, Troy McGuigan, shared the sad news on a Facebook fundraising page dedicated to his daughter.

“Our beautiful daughter, our very own Warrior Princess, last night spread her wings and is finally soaring free,” he wrote, adding that she will be “forever loved and missed.”

“She will never again know pain, sickness or sorrow,” McGuigan continued. “Our lives are forever changed. Heaven is forever changed too.”

Several social media users took to Facebook to pay tribute to Annie, including one particularly touching tribute from a little girl named Lola.

The girl’s mother, Luana, told Annie’s aunt, Lindsay, that Lola would give up her birthday presents to help raise money for Annie’s treatment. She posted a video along with pictures of Lola’s tribute.

Luana wrote:

“Hi Lindsay, I'm so very sorry to hear of Annie's passing. We are all devastated and can't even begin to imagine how you are all feeling. Please know how very special she was to us. We honored Annie's life today by sending some balloons to her in heaven. Without prompting, Lola decided to make a little speech. I wanted to tell you about it and send you the pics and video so you know we KNEW what an amazing little girl Annie was. She will NEVER be forgotten. Thinking of you all and sending our love xxx”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Canberra Times, McGuigan Family Support/Facebook / Photo credit: McGuigan Family Support/Facebook


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