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Angry Mom: Tiki Barber, You are Shameless

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Angry Mom:Tiki Barber, I already thought you were the dog of dogs after you left your pregnant wife for former NBC Traci Lynn Johnson. But then you go out to dinner and to parties with your mistress while your wife's in the hospital for a week on bedrest, carrying your twins?! You're shameless!

I am happy to hear you've been slapped with divorce papers, because you sure as hell deserve them!

While your wife was in the hospital and you were out gallivanting around with your 23-year-old gal pal at NFL draft parties, who was watching your two sons, AJ, 7, and Chason, 6? What about them?

And how is this stress affecting your unborn twins, Tiki? Have you ever thought about that? Is that what sent Ginny to the hospital in the first place? She's eight months pregnant... does she really need this kind of worry and humiliation right now?

You are a JERK who can't keep it in your pants. You are putting your own needs ahead of your children's needs.

You've publicly said that you could never forgive your own father for cheating, yet you're doing the same damn thing. Like father, like son?

It takes a special breed of loser to leave a PREGNANT wife ... especially one who's carrying twins. The fact that you are now hitting the town with your 23-year-old girlfriend makes it even worse -- because you're just rubbing Ginny's nose in it. But you're also showing the world what a thoughtless creep you really are.

How can you live with yourself?


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