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Sex Workers Find Coverage Under Obamacare

As the intense media focus on the rollout of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare continues, a CNNMoney report highlights a group of self-employed, small business owners who are excited about the new law: Sex workers.

For the purposes of their report, “sex workers” includes not just prostitutes, but anyone from exotic/burlesque dancers to escorts and dominatrices whose business are legal.

According to numbers given to CNNMoney, many of these people will qualify for government subsidies to help pay for the cost of their care. For these workers—who do have a high risk of disease given their close contact with their customers—Obamacare has been a positive development.

According to the report, Obamacare “will cover contraception, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and violence counseling at no additional charge, which the sex workers said would make a big difference in their community.”

Of course, it is very likely that those already opposed to the healthcare law will be bothered that their tax dollars are going to support sex workers, Siouxsie Q argues that when the uninsured—sex worker or otherwise—seek emergency services for these afflictions, the taxpayer ultimately foots the bill anyway. While applicants for the exchanges are required to report their income, they are not required to declare what they do for employment.


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