Sex Surrogates Becoming More Popular in U.S.


Sex therapists in South Florida say that more patients are using sexual surrogates to overcome intimacy and performance problems.

A sex surrogate is a licensed counselor who serves as a surrogate sexual partner to help with people overcome their sexual issues.

Sessions range from learning to flirt, hold hands, and touch to sexual intercourse, reports CBS Miami.

The controversial therapy of using sex surrogates is in the spotlight as there is a new movie, 'The Sessions,' heading to theaters, starring Helen Hunt (pictured).

The film is the story of a disabled man who hires a sexual surrogate to learn how to be intimate.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya told CBS Miami: "[Patients] are professional and successful in every other capacity of their life, but they’ve never hugged anyone intimately, or been massaged with all of their clothes off or walked down the street holding someone’s hand.”

“Often times its going to someone’s place of residence and…being sexually intimate with someone, even without the physical act of sex. There are many other activities involved in a successful intimate relationship and surrogates practice all of those.”

South Florida sex therapist Dr. Marilyn Volker said this type of therapy helps people with “terrible performance anxiety, horrible past experiences of rape and incest, and even adults with little or no sexual experience.”


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