Sex With "Pop Rocks" Exploding Candy Lands Woman In The Hospital (Video)

Human beings have been known to do some pretty strange things in the bedroom, but a new TLC show called “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.” is highlighting a particular incident that may be one of the most bizarre.

According to Dr. David G. Meyers, an E.R. physician from Newport Beach, California, a couple came into the hospital because the woman was complaining of itching, burning, and pain inside her genitalia. Upon further investigation, Meyers says the couple told him she had put Pop Rocks candy inside of her to help increase pleasure.

“She said, 'The rocks are supposed to have added to our sexual pleasure and I made my husband use them,'" said Meyers. "So she said she bought these candy rocks which are supposed to explode and tingle and sensation to their sex."

The popular candies are obviously known for leaving a tingling feeling inside one’s mouth while being ingested, but nowhere does it say that they will help increase sexual pleasure when inserted into female genitalia.

Fortunately, this bizarre sexual experience can serve as a warning to any adventurous person out there that’s ever thought about using Pop Rocks in the bedroom. Thanks for the lesson, TLC.


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