Baby Boomers Having Risky Sex

Sure, they can't get pregnant, but it seems that because of it, older adults are participating in even more risky sex behavior, and they are exposing themselves to a lot of infections in the process.

Via Time Magazine:

Most adolescents, defined as those aged between 14 and 17, are not having sex — only about a fifth of them have ever had intercourse. And the last time they did, the majority of them used condoms. Boomers, on the other hand, thanks to better health and Bob Dole, are having sex well into old age. (One septuagenarian reported getting busy four or more times a week.) But unless they're Hispanic or African American, these older folks are not using condoms nearly as much as teenagers are.

The study, conducted by Indiana University, which has a long and respected history of sex research (it houses the Kinsey Institute), took an intensive look at the sexual habits of 5,865 people aged 14 to 94 across a spectrum of races and education levels. Some of its findings are not that surprising — men think their female partners have orgasms more often they actually do, older people have friends-with-benefits too...

The study showed that among men over 50, 91% did not use a condom when they had sex with a date or casual acquaintance, and 70% didn't even do so when they had sex with someone they just met. Their female peers are more careful in general, but a majority of them have sex without a condom. A few older people in the study didn't use a condom even when they knew they or their partner had a sexually transmitted infection.

Considering that may boomers were coming to age during the sexual revolution, you would think they of all people would be more concerned with protecting their health.

Also, you have to wonder how much healthcare money could be saved if STI infection rates dropped among seniors, lowering treatment costs.

Maybe Cloris Leachman can be brought in for a PSA, if she can ever get the condom open.

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