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Recovery Meeting Attendance Essential for Sex Addicts

From my daily reading today (from 24 hours a Day, AA devotional). Just replace the word alcohol/AA with sex addiction/sex addiction recovery.

It doesn’t do much good to come to meetings only once in a while and sit around, hoping to get something out of the program. That’s all right at first, but it won’t help us very long. Sooner or later we have to get into action by coming to meetings regularly, by giving a personal witness of our experience with alcohol, and by trying to help other alcoholics. Building a new life takes all the energy that we used to spend on drinking. Am I spending at least as much time and effort on the new life that I’m trying to build in A.A.?

I see sex addicts do this all the time. They go to recovery meetings every so often. Once a month, every other week, then miss two weeks, then show up for 3 weeks straight, then disappear for a month.  But without steady meetings and constant fellowship with other recovering people, they’ll see no progress at all.

Originally published on the Kick Sex Addiction Blog:


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