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Wyatt McDaniel, 7, Buried Alive While Playing in Sand with Brother

A seven-year-old boy died Friday in a tragic accident while playing with his younger brother.

Logan McDaniel, 5, was playing with his brother Wyatt, 7, on a pile of sand at their family horse farm in Bexar County, Texas when Wyatt was buried alive in the sand pile and, as it appears, suffocated.

"It is believed they had dug a hole in the top the pile of loose sand and younger brother Logan may have piled the sand back on top trapping his brother," explains The Daily Mail.

After Logan realized his brother was no longer moving, he ran to get their father Charlie who pulled Wyatt from the sand pile and attempted to revive him with CPR. Wyatt was then airlifted from the farm to a nearby hospital, but went into cardiac arrest and died.

The brothers, who were described as “best buddies” by family friend Theresa Chamberlain, had been playing in the pile of sand while their father Charlie was giving a riding lesson at the Wild Sunday Farm, which is a horse facility Charlie McDaniel owns and operates.

On the business’ Facebook page, a photograph of Wyatt was posted in May 2010 showing him smiling while riding horseback.

The caption reads, “Wyatt McDaniel's very first time in the tack. He's a natural! I am so proud of my little guy! :)”

The community has been encouraged to tie orange ribbons, Wyatt’s favorite color, around Wilderness Oaks Elementary school’s campus, where Wyatt attended.  

(The Daily Mail)


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