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7-Month-Old Hospitalized With First-Degree Burns From Bath Water (Video)

A baby girl was admitted to the University of Michigan Hospital with burns on most of her body. Alanna’s babysitter claims the burns were sustained during a bath.

The 7-month-old’s babysitter says that she was washing the baby when her husband flushed the toilet. This caused the water coming from the faucet to turn from warm to scalding hot.

The baby was hospitalized with first- and second-degree burns.

Alanna’s mother, Amanda, said: “I can't imagine anyone going through this, it's horrible, it's painful. I can't imagine how my daughter feels.”

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for hospital bills. They have also tried to promote the account on social media.

"She's got first- and second- degree burns on her head and on her back," Amanda said. "Right now they're thinking that they will heal on their own, but it is possible, she does have some deeper burns on her back, so it is possible for skin grafting."

Alanna will be reevaluated by doctors on Wednesday. They will decide when she can go home.

“With everything that has happened, there has got to be some good to come out of this, and I feel that making people aware of this situation will be the good that comes out of it," Amanda said.

Sources: MyFoxDetroitYoutube / Photo Source: MyFoxDetroit


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