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"Sensis": Easy-to-Use Condom for "Drunks"

You may not be able to reinvent the wheel, but one Florida man has reinvented the condom; his has handles for easy use -- so easy, even a drunk can put it on!

Back in 1999 Robert Thompson, who calls himself "Beau," found himself in a drunken "situation" with a girl. He couldn't figure out which was supposed to be the inside and outside of the condom. "There has to be a better way," he said he thought.

And there apparently was. He spent the next few years developing a condom that has handles, then in 2005 he started a company to manufacture and sell them, dubbing them "Sensis." Thompson spends much of his time in bars introducing his condoms to drunken folks.

According to Miami New Times, here is his typical approach:

Beau rips open a wrapper. Two strange, stirrup-looking appendages dangle from the rubber. "They're handles!" he explains. He yanks the condom over the demo rod, pulling the tabs away from each other as if exercising with the world's smallest Bowflex. And he asks everybody at the table to fondle the handles. "One side has ribs," he says proudly, "and one side is smooth. You feel that? That's so you can figure it out in the dark."

Thompson's sales pitch has worked -- he estimates he has sold two million condoms. At $13 for a box of 12, Thompson is doing all right, although he said profit margins are slim. Walgreens just started stocking his condoms -- he is working on other national chains.

In addition to his own experiences, Thompson said the "drunk" angle came from one of the initial testers at the University of San Diego. He said "This is great, because even drunk in the dark, I can get it on!"


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