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Senior Citizen Robert Norris Beaten by Four Men for $15

Robert Norris, 72, was walking to the Forest Palms Apartments, a senior living facility in Sacramento, California, when he was beaten by four male suspects for $15 on Sunday.

Norris described the four suspects as between 17 to 20 years old.

“They used their fists,” Norris told CBS Sacramento. “One of them kicked me. They helped themselves to my wallet. I wouldn’t give it to them. Four of them and one of me, so I figured I didn’t have much of a chance.”

The thieves left Norris bloodied and his ear split.

“My clients don’t even like to come out of their house,” said Melinda Metlock, a caregiver at the Forest Palms Apartments. "Seniors deserve to have a peaceful life and to be able to live without fear.”

The Forest Palms Apartments installed a gate several years ago to protect the seniors, but Metlock claims as soon as the gate opens, trespassers try to run in.

“They go after the most vulnerable, the easiest targets,” Norris added. “I’m gonna try to be home at sunset from now on."

Source: CBS Sacramento


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