Sen. Al Franken Cries While Defending Violence Against Women Act


The Democratic junior senator from Minnesota gave an impassioned speech in support of the Violence Against women Act this week. During the course of Senator Franken's vehement defense of the law, the outspoken comedian-turned-lawmaker pulled a John Boehner and actually broke down in tears.

Franken took to the senate floor this week to advocate for the renewal of VAWA. Emotion seemed to overwhelm Franken when he started speaking of the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s wife Sheila’s work on behalf of domestic violence victims. Franken, who occupies Senator Wellstone’s former seat, no doubt sees it as his spiritual obligation to carry Sheila Wellstone’s fight into the new decade. Both Sheila and Paul Wellstone passed away tragically in a 2002 plane crash. Then-comedian Al Franken was a personal friend of the couple.

See his remarks below:


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