Oregon Camper Bitten By Rabid Bat (Video)

An Oregon camper was playing the guitar in Pinhead Creek when a rabid bat landed on his chest, climbed up to his neck and bit him.

Darrick Skou was lost in the song when the blood-thirsty bat landed on his T-shirt.

"This thing came out of nowhere," Skou told KATU. "I was thinking it was a good day until then."

"It was like a cold dog nose,” he described the bite. “It was a cold bat nose, mouth, whatever. It didn't sting. I wasn't injected with anything. It was just a cold bite.”

He managed to pull the animal off and it flew away. That’s where the video cuts.

One of his friend shot the bat with a BB gun and transported its body along with Skou to Providence Medical Center.

"Whether we would get in trouble for shooting it, and I said well, it drew first blood. We need to take care of this thing,” Skou said.

Examining the remains, doctors discovered that the bat had rabies.

Now on anti-rabies medication, Skou says he’s feeling tired and exhausted.

He was discharged from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


Image screenshot: YouTube, Wilson B/Flickr


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